Golytec Automation

About Us

  Shanghai Golytec Automation Co.,Ltd. is a leading provider of intelligent flexible loop line with direct driver and magnetic levitation technology solutions. Established in 2015, it has more than 2000 sq. R & D centers and manufacturing centers. It focuses on the automation of intelligent manufacturing, maintains the spirit of technology innovation, user orientation, excellence, open cooperation and efficient services.

  It has established the advantages of precision, high speed, intelligence and easy to use solutions in the field of intelligent manufacturing, providing competitive intelligent flexible high-speed line solutions, products and services for equipment manufacturers,  anufacturing users and partners. It is committed to improving the global quality and efficiency of China's manufacturing industry to reach the world-class level and move towards the rapid development goal. At present, the business has moved towards global development. 

Corporate Objectives

Becoming a global leader in innovation technology in the field of intelligent manufacturing

Growing rapidly into a reputation global brand corporation

Making our products more widely available in manufacturing around the world to help customers grow faster

Providing timely, high-quality services to users around the world by our innovative technology

Creating a dream family for its employees to work hard together

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